No more orange, no more dark palms, and no super strong odor!  An airbrush tan looks as if you just returned from the Bahamas. Airbrush tanning is one of the safest ways to get that summer bronze color without the sun or a tanning bed.

C the Difference with C Luv Glo…

Our technician is trained to apply the organic sunless tanning solution with precision so that you have no streaks or discoloration.

A spray booth can leave areas that are too dark or too light. We customize the tanning solution as dark or light as you prefer. Spray tans fade like a real tan. You will look like a celebrity on the red carpet!

A quick sunless tanning fix can do wonders for your confidence when you need it in a hurry.

Organic Spray Tan FAQ’s

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How Does It Work?

Very simply, the DHA (dihydroxyacetone) reacts with the proteins and amino acids on the outer most layer of your skin, the epidermis, to bring out your own color. It takes approximately 6 hours for the reaction to complete. It is recommended to wait a minimum of 7 hours after tanning to shower or bathe.

What should I wear?

Attire for women is whatever you are comfortable with. Take into consideration how many or few tan lines you want to see.

Attire for men is boxers, swimming trunks or shorts.

For best results, loose fitting clothing should be worn after your session. DHA can react with wool, nylon, and silk. These fabrics should not be worn during or immediately following your tanning session.

How long will my tan last?

It varies–your skin and how you prepare and maintain your skin before and after the application are the biggest factors. Generally, the tan will last 5-7 days. For tan longevity, follow these preparation and maintenance tips…

How to Prepare

  • EXFOLIATE! For the best results, shower, shave, and exfoliate your skin within 24 hours prior to your appointment.
  • DO NOT apply lotions or oils the day of tanning session. (Use deodorant sparingly)
  • Dress appropriately. Wear loose fitting clothing after session.

How to Maintain Your Tan

  • Allow solution to develop before showering. Be sure to not shower for at least six hours, preferably longer if possible. The longer you wait, the more the tan will intensify and inevitably last longer. Try to not shower for 24 hours.
  • DO NOT EXFOLIATE. As important as it is to exfoliate prior to session, it is just as important to NOT exfoliate after your session because it will shed the tanned layer of skin.
  • MOISTURIZE. After the initial 24 hours, keep skin as moisturized as possible. It is important to keep the skin soft so it does not flake off. If your skin is very dry, your spray tan is going to fade faster. If you stay moisturized, you can maintain the glow longer.
  • Avoid long, HOT showers. Use cool/warm water.
  • Use mild cleansers.
  • The less you shave, the better—again, so as not to shed the tanned skin.
  • Towel dry skin, avoid rubbing.

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