Moroccan Organic Shampoo


Moroccan Organics Shampoo is a nourishing and cleansing rinse specifically formulated to gently yet thoroughly cleanse hair of product buildup, environmental pollutants (such as smoke, dust, air born chemical residues), and other impurities without damaging color or texture. Moroccan Organics Shampoo is formulated with rich organic plant-derived keratin, organic argan root cellulose, organic lavender, organic rosemary, organic camellia extract, and organic jojoba oil to fortify and protect hair, calm irritated scalps, cleanse follicles, and minimize future damage caused by daily styling, heat treatments, and chemical services. This shampoo’s balanced organic formulation will not only preserve and protect existing color and texture, but also extends the longevity of each. The luxurious creamy balm transforms into a rich smooth lather which is fortified with nourishing certified organic ingredients to restore and rejuvenate hair back to strength and vitality. The shampoo is effective at cleansing and nourishing hair, from root to tip, of all hair types.